Max’s Minute

Bees and the Beekeeper

Honeybee colonies hit their peak during this month. Add supers as needed. You can harvest honey when the honey flow slows (usually near the end of August) or hold filled supers on the hive until you are ready to harvest all of the honey at the end of August.

Monitor for Varroa mite populations. A mite treatment may be necessary prior to the August nectar flow.

If you get a chance, check your hive(s) to be sure they are queen right. Remember, you don’t need to see the queen, just eggs or larva.

The recent rains should help keep the wild flowers blooming for a few more weeks. Make sure your hives have space to put the honey!

About DCBC

Our mission is to promote the study, science and craft of beekeeping through education, encouragement and community for all Door County beekeepers, and raise awareness to the benefits of bees for our environment, ecology and local economy.

We meet once a month at various locations in Door County. The meetings usually include educational information presented by experienced local/regional beekeepers. In addition, there may be a hands-on event such as a "hive dive" prior to the meeting.

Anyone can join the Door County Beekeepers Club at anytime. Membership carries for one year. Members enjoy the benefits of meetings and resources available to them through the club.


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