Max’s Minute

Good nutrition for your hives will be naturally a challenge with the irregular spring weather (rain, wind and cold). If there’s no food available to your hives; feed, feed, and feed some more! If you think there might be a tiny shortage, feed as early as you can and check for carbs and protein. A protein patty (or frame of pollen) now is the cheapest insurance you can buy. For carbs, try a sugar board, (or frames of honey). Easy to feed and easy to eat. Feeding syrup or sugar boards will stimulate your bees and encourage them to eat. Continue feeding until they no longer take your offering.
Weather permitting, comprehensive inspection and spring-cleaning time is here. Reverse the brood supers, unless the colony and brood are strong (covering both boxes). In this case, you should probably not reverse boxes (as this will split the brood area). You should, however, clean the bottom board whether you reverse boxes or not.
Note: Depending on the weather all of the above may need to be delayed until early May.
Later in the month, check your hives on a warm day for brood pattern, signs of diseases and overall health. If diseases or parasites are found, take necessary action to treat using whatever methods you are comfortable with.

About DCBC

Our mission is to promote the study, science and craft of beekeeping through education, encouragement and community for all Door County beekeepers, and raise awareness to the benefits of bees for our environment, ecology and local economy.

We meet once a month at various locations in Door County. The meetings usually include educational information presented by experienced local/regional beekeepers. In addition, there may be a hands-on event such as a "hive dive" prior to the meeting.

Anyone can join the Door County Beekeepers Club at anytime. Membership carries for one year. Members enjoy the benefits of meetings and resources available to them through the club.


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